Evacuspot Phase II: Lighting

Love, Write, Light

Evacuteer is a vital resource to the community of New Orleans during the chaos of a mandatory evacuation. The Phase I: Evacuspots Installation initiative created 17 predetermined neighborhood pick-up points called Evacuspots that are an integral part of our mission. However, visibility is the most critical hindrance to safe execution of an evacuation. By funding Phase II: Evacuspots Lighting, the installation of solar energy units will light the Evacuspots. This night photo of the Kingsley House Evacuspot shows computer generated lighting as an example.

On June 1, Evacuteer launched Love, Write, Light, a campaign during the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina to have New Orleanians, and anyone, reflect on their love for New Orleans, write their love note to New Orleans, and donate to help light the Evacuspots.

How will your donation matter? 1,833 lives were lost during Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath and over 25,000 sought shelter in the Super Dome. The New Orleans City Assisted Evacuation process was created to help ensure this never happens again and the installation of Evacuspots was an improvement to this plan to clearly mark pick-up locations. Lighting these locations is the next step to ensure that each location is highly visible and to raise awareness of this life saving plan.

Learn more today at lovewritelight.org. Write your letter, donate today or share to help raise awareness.