Evacuspots mark the pick-up locations for the New Orleans City-Assisted Evacuation. There are 16 statues installed out of 17 spots total. Each stainless steel statue is 14-feet-tall, weighs 800 lbs., and are meant to withstand 200 years of wear and tear. Designed by public artist, Doug Kornfeld, and installed in 2013, Evacuteer spearheaded the fundraising in collaboration with FEMA, the Arts Council of New Orleans, and the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. 

What is City-Assisted Evacuation? 

City-Assisted Evacuation assists Orleans Parish residents who cannot self-evacuate during a mandatory evacuation due to financial need, lack of transportation, homelessness, medical or mobility needs. It provides transportation from Evacuspots to the Union Passenger Terminal (UPT) bus station and on to a shelter. Users will also receive a ride back when the city reopens.

Evacuteers assist at the Evacuspots and UPT in order to make sure evacuees are informed and registered. 

Those with medical or mobility needs should register for the Special Needs Registry by calling 311 or visiting  www.nola.gov/ready/evacuspots/

What can evacuees bring?

One small carry-on bag and personal item per person. Families will travel together, and if coming from different Evacuspots, should plan to meet at the UPT before getting in line for a shelter bus. 

If traveling with pets, they must be in a pet carrier or restrained on a leash. Pets should have a collar with an ID tag, be current on vaccinations, and have required medications. For more information or to pre-register (recommended for seniors and special needs), visit ready.nola.gov or call 311. 

Language access during CAE

All Evacuspots are supplied with a Spanish translation of the evacuation tickets that may be used to assist with Spanish-only speakers. We will also have translated responses to Frequently Asked Questions and commonly-used phrases in Spanish that the Evacuteers and Spanish-speaking evacuees are welcome to reference. We will try to staff bilingual speakers at as many Evacuspots as possible. 

The Evacuspot in Village de L'Est at Mary Queen of Vietnam Church will be staffed by Evacuteers who speak Vietnamese.

City-Assisted Evacuation Brochure Download

This printable brochure includes a map of the Evacuspots and helpful information for those who may use it.  Download by clicking on the image below: 


Find your closest Evacuspot here: