Current Evacuteers

We love our Evacuteers! We could not achieve our mission without them. Let us be the first to say, Thank You. Are you considering joining us as an Evacuteer for the first time? Check out our Volunteer page details or our FAQ page for the most common questions.

Are you already trained as an Evacuteer? If so, this is your page to help you find information you may need regarding how to refresh your membership each year, join additional service opportunities and trainings, and update your information.

Confirm your ability to serve as an Evacuteer in 2017

We need you to confirm once per year that you are still able to serve with us for that corresponding season. We will send out a reminder and you may also do so by coming to this page and clicking the button below. 

For example, if you trained with us in 2016, then to let us know that you are serving in 2017, you will simply confirm by clicking on the link above and reviewing your information, assignment preference, and sign the waiver. If you need to let us know via phone, call 504-358-0455. 

Update your profile. 

If you have already trained or refreshed your service agreement in 2016, and you need to update your Evacuteer profile? Has your contact information changed, remember your mobile phone number is especially important for contact during a potential activation. Profile update link

Login into your profile. Not sure what we have? Log in and confirm that your contact information is correct. Profile login link.

Ready to take on more?

Do you want to take a bigger role in supporting the mission of Evacuteer? Consider training in one of our advanced roles - 3-1-1 Call Center Specialist or in our Leadership & Logistics training. You must already be trained as an Evacuteer, but each of these roles allows you to become more involved with Evacuteer.

3-1-1 Specialist Training

Are you already a trained Evacuteer and interested in taking on a greater role? Consider becoming a 3-1-1 Specialist. Evacuteers have supplemented the ranks of 3-1-1 call specialists even during storms that did not require a mandatory evacuation, but might still result in increased calls to the city's information line. Once you are already a trained Evacuteer, you're ready for specialized training on the 3-1-1 call center operations. Find 3-1-1 Specialist training dates and registration links on our Events page.

Leadership Training

Leadership  training is for those already trained Evacuteers who want to step up to a more senior level and help manage groups of volunteers during activation. This level does require a longer-term commitment, a minimum of two seasons. It also requires completion of FEMA online courses related to emergency operations and incident command. These can be completed on your own time and online. The day long leadership training and emergency drill will review the CAE process from the perspective of and Evacuspot Captain and other leadership roles. Find dates and registration links for Leadership and Logistics training on our Events page.