Evacuteer Leadership Training

Have you attended the introductory Evacuteer training, but you find that you're still thirsty for more? The goal of this day-long event is to train our outstanding volunteers who are interested in going the extra mile to manage logistics and supervise other Evacuteers during City-Assisted Evacuation (CAE). 

Evacuteer leaders are the backbone of the City-Assisted Evacuation. We rely on you not only during a mandatory evacuation, but also to help provide seasonal assistance and advocacy for our work as a year-round emergency preparedness-focused non-profit.

Agenda: We start off the morning with pure-information and team-building, followed by a catered lunch and trip to the Warren Easton Evacuspot. We set up our tent, tables, and role play as Evacuteers and evacuees, ensuring our ability to solve problems while registering people effectively. 

In true New Orleans fashion, we top it off with a happy hour to debrief. Questions? Email kali@evacuteer.org for more information. 


We hope to see you soon!