Kali Rapp Roy, Executive Director


Kali Rapp Roy joined the Evacuteer team as the Director of Operations in 2014 and was promoted to Executive Director in 2016. Roy holds a MSc in Disaster Resilience Leadership Studies from Tulane University and a BA from Arizona State University. With Evacuteer.org, Kali serves the local community by engaging with local agencies and government partners in order to inform better processes and ensure plans do not grow stagnant. As a collaborator with the New Orleans-based international Building Resilience Workshop, she coordinates practitioners and stakeholder groups that face threats to their ability to bounce back after a shock, and encourages them to share and learn. Previously, Roy served as a continuity of operations software consultant with clients ranging from energy companies to healthcare systems and school districts. She lives in Fontainebleau with her husband Michael.  

Evacuteer.org supports the existing capability of New Orleans’ residents to take charge of their own preparedness and evacuate with dignity, while providing an opportunity that helps us bounce back. By offering our citizens the option to serve as empowered volunteers, this model allows us to affect change in New Orleans and inspire other water-impacted cities around the world.”
— Kali Rapp Roy



 Tabling with the amazing Doug at the Sojourner Truth Community Center! P.S. I'm the one on the left.... :)

Tabling with the amazing Doug at the Sojourner Truth Community Center! P.S. I'm the one on the left.... :)

Jillian began volunteering with Evacuteer.org in 2011, and became the team's second full-time staff member in the spring of 2016. Born and raised in the "Piney Woods" of East Texas, she fell in love with New Orleans the first time she visited the city; in her heart she knew that one day she would make it her home. She became interested in nonprofit work as a service recipient of a women’s workforce development program in Portland, Oregon with Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc.  After working as a carpenter with Habitat for Humanity for five years in various U.S. cities, the opportunity arose for her to become a part of New Orleans’ recovery by helping rebuild homes for Katrina survivors. As the Program & Volunteer Manager for Evacuteer.org, Jillian oversees all volunteer communications, training, outreach, web presence and information technology.  She is currently pursuing her master's degree at the University of New Orleans in Public Administration, and holds a BA in Social Sciences from Tulane University.

I am thrilled to be a part of an organization that goes a step beyond recovery— to actually avert the compounded disaster like we saw after Katrina. Evacuteer empowers our citizens to become the leaders in building resilience, spreading awareness and protecting our community. I’ve followed my heart here to New Orleans and now to Evacuteer, and I feel like I’m finally home.
This place is family.”
— Jillian Sandoval