Community Partners

Community Partners are committed organizations that volunteer and work in New Orleans, and they are integral to helping us reach our goal of training at least 500 volunteers for City Assisted Evacuation each year. We partner in hopes to strengthen our city's resilience from a hurricane event. 

Fee-For-Service Program

When we make a request to train your staff and volunteers, we understand it takes time and money. For those who enroll in our fee-for-service program, we will pay your organization $20 per volunteer hour contributed per year. We have additional trainings and drill events scheduled that are also fee-for-service eligible.

Qualified partners receive benefits including:  

  • Hurricane preparedness training for staff and volunteers
  • Continuity of Operations Program training each year
  • Quarterly partner parties and volunteer appreciation events

In order to enroll, your organization must:

  •       Have an interest in serving the target population of those who cannot self-evacuate in New Orleans
  •       Be a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with proven documentation
  •       Sign a Memorandum of Understanding that describes your commitment to help communicate and assemble the Evacuteers trained through your organization during a mandatory evacuation
  •       Ensure your Continuity of Operations Plan includes Evacuteer-trained staff and volunteers will be released to serve their 7-hour assignment
  •       Coordinate at least one annual training prior to peak hurricane season (starts August 15) with our Program and Evacuteer Manager 
  •      Contribute one organization member to our leadership team and a minimum of (5) Evacuteers trained each year
  •    Spread the word about City-Assisted Evacuation and Evacuteer to your network! 

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