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We appreciate your support! Evacuteers are trained through the help of donations that allow us to continue working as the only organization dedicated to the year-round mission of ensuring mandatory evacuation access to all residents of New Orleans, regardless of income or status. Your contribution goes to support the training, managing and possible activation of 500+ volunteers who are part of the New Orleans CAE, or public transportation option, during any mandatory hurricane evacuation.

Donations over $250.00 are tax deductible, based on I.R.S. rules for 501(c)3 donations. Email Kali Rapp Roy if you do not receive your tax letter: 

$10 supports materials and training for 1 Evacuteer, expected to help up more than 200 people evacuate with dignity during City Assisted Evacuation. 

$10 also provides EvacuKids training to one child and helps ensure our city's most underserved youth are more prepared to live with water as they grow up in this beautiful city. 


Other Ways to Give:

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